- 1988 -

The first telemarketing call was made on 17th March 1988. It was to an ActionAid supporter asking them to become a Child Sponsor and the success of these early calls created ActionAid’s National Telephone Team (NTT ) and telephone fundraising was born. We later became part of a larger fundraising group, and in the 20 years from inception NTT established a reputation of success by raising millions of pounds for many different charities and our charity focussed ethos still remains today.

- 2008 -

Already part of the management team, Natalie and Dave created Committed 2 Communications Ltd in April 2008 and bought NTT. The company became an owner managed business and the focus was on modernising the call centre and improving the service we delivered to clients.

- 2009 -

After 21 years in the same building, NTT had a rebrand, with new logo and a new home, when we expanded and moved to Programme (previously called The Pithay) in Bristol city centre.

- 2013 -

Significant investment in improving the business meant that in 2013 NTT became accredited for BS EN ISO 9001 (Quality Assurance) and BS EN ISO 27001 (Data Security) and were the first charity call centre to do so.

- 2016 -

In January 2016 NTT became full members of the DMA and became the first organisation within the charity sector to become TPS Assured. This certification indicates that the business not only complies with all the rules governing telemarketing but also respects the wishes of donors and potential donors by following best practice. We are proud to represent the charity sector as the gold standard in telemarketing excellence.

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