The upheaval in the fundraising and charity sector has brought many pressing issues to the fore, not least of which is how vital it is for charitable organisations and agencies to manage their communications in order that they ensure they respect the wishes of donors and potential donors.

NTT Fundraising has joined a select group of organisations in becoming TPS Assured. No other organisation within the sector, whether charity or agency has successfully passed this Institute of Fundraising endorsed audit. We are proud to represent the charity sector as the gold standard in telemarketing excellence and hope that we are playing our part in sending a strong message to the public that fundraising organisations are taking criticism and accusations seriously.

TPS Assured certification indicates that the business not only complies with all the rules governing telemarketing but also respects the wishes of donors and potential donors by following best practice. At NTT we have undergone forensic  analysis of our databases and systems to ensure that the way in which we handle charity data is compliant with all current legislation.

As well as becoming TPS Assured, we have also become full members of the DMA after successfully completing the compliance audit. In 2013 we became certified in ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) which was undoubtedly an important step to becoming TPS Assured. We have always been confident in our robust compliance regime but having this now validated by the TPS themselves will give the public assurance in our approach.

Trustees now have greater responsibilities when it comes to fundraising and the TPS Assured certificate gives them the reassurances that they need. Gaining this certificate this is vital to improve the public perception of charities. The trustees and fundraising managers of our charity partners can demonstrate due diligence and work with us in confidence. More importantly, their supporters can then have confidence in the charity too.

For more information about TPS Assured and what the certification means, please contact us on info@nttfundraising.co.uk

Natalie Bailey
Dave Clark